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Foniopaddy is a naturally occurring grass seed, which is grown on plantations in Uganda and has remarkable health proprties .
How to use Foniopaddy
During the first week, allow the birds to determine for themselves how much Foniopaddy they wish to eat. After the first week, give them one sugar spoon per week of Foniopaddy ™. Larger areas containing 30 to 40 birds should be supplied with two to three tablespoons of Foniopaddy per week.
Foniopaddy should be given separately, as the Foniopaddy seeds have a very fine structure, causing them to sink to the bottom when mixed with other seeds.
If you give more than the amounts of Foniopaddy indicated above, it’s no problem at all, as Foniopaddy is a natural product. Overfeeding is therefore not possible!

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