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Junglegold Palm Fruit Extract

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Derived 100% naturally from West African Palm Nuts, the natural food source of  African Grey Parrots.

Our Palm Fruit Extract is sourced from naturally grown Palm trees in Sierra Leone. They are harvested by hand and then cold pressed, by hand. There is no impact on the environment and employs local farmers as an extra income. 

It does not come from intensively farmed  plantations in Indonesia and Brazil where forests are destroyed and wildlife devastated.

Spread a small amount onto toast, crackers, fruit, veg or a favourite treat.  Many pets love it so much they will eat it from your fingers or a spoon.  We even have one customer who says her African Grey 'Baby' takes the lid off the jar and helps herself!!!

Using Palm Fruit Extract can lead to increased reproduction and improved growth of young. High beta-carotene levels mean brighter plumage and glossy feathers.

Palm Fruit Extract is the cold pressed and filtered fruit of the West African Palm Nut. It is neither refined, purified or condensed. A perfect Parrot Food supplement.

A 500ml jar will last a single bird over six months.

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