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Manila Rope

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Manila Rope - cut to reqired length.

Manila rope is a strong natural fibre rope. Manila rope is a good all round performer which will stretch very little and is very resistant to sunlight damage.

Manila rope is a natural fibre rope made using banana fibre from the abacá (Musa textilis) plant. It may also be referred to as ‘manila hemp’,although this is a misnomer as it is not made from the hemp plant.

The fibres of abacá are strong, durable and flexible. It’s also resistant to damage by UV rays so can be left in direct sunlight. Manila rope will shrink if wet but won’t be degraded by salt water.

Manila ropes shrink when they become wet. This effect can be advantageous under certain circumstances, but if it is not a wanted feature, it should be well taken into account. Since shrinkage is more pronounced the first time the rope becomes wet, new rope is usually immersed into water and put to dry before use so that the shrinkage is less than it would be if the rope had never been wet. A major disadvantage in this shrinkage is that many knots made with manila rope became harder and more difficult to untie when wet, thus becoming subject of increased stress. Manila rope will rot after a period of time when exposed to saltwater.

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