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Parrots and Peanuts

The following is a quick look at the nutritional value or rather the lack of it in Peanuts, also known as Monkey Nuts or Ground Nuts

Monkey Nuts are a popular treat for Parrots and many commercial parrot mixes are full of them giving the idea that they are good for the birds simple from the fact they are contained within the Parrot Food. When the truth is a little more removed from that assumption than you would think.

Lets look at the nutritional breakdown of the nut, specifically at the fat types and content;
Each nuts contains 54% fat of which 9% is saturating fat, that's the kind that builds up on the internal organs and causes liver failure.
The vitamin and mineral content is also negligible although to be fair they do contain calcium.

Here are a few interesting facts
100gr of peanuts provides a human with almost half of their daily saturated fat requirement.
Now the average person weighs 68000gr approximately 170 times larger than an African Grey.
So if you were the size of an African Grey 1gr of peanuts would provide you with 117% of your RDA for saturating fats, that is before the crisp or the chip from the side of your plate.

I know birds have different metabolic rates to humans, but then remember most of them sit in a cage all day and its not surprising to learn liver failure is one of the most common causes of premature death in parrots.

The only safe way to feed peanuts is to use dry roast with no salt,which have had just about all of the fats cooked out of them.