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Wooden Pine Toy - XXL 3 Legs


An extra large hanging toy made from boiled pine.

Drilled blocks, slices, and dumpies are threaded onto 6mm sizal rope to create a stimulating chew toy. 

Suitable for all pets who love to chew, especially Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys and larger Amazons.

Approximate sizes:

  • top bar- 33cm long x 4.5cm wide
  • outer  legs - 43cm long
  • centre leg - 36cm long with 3 additionl legs - 16cm
  • hanging loop - depth

Recommended for bird rooms, aviaries or tall parrot cages.

Handmade in Norfolk, sourced from local forestry.

Please note - These toys are all unique and we only have one in stock

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